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Preparing for Surgery

Thank you for choosing Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine Center for your surgery. Our goal is to meet all of your expectations and to make your experience a positive one. Surgery can be an overwhelming experience. It is important to go into your surgery feeling secure and confident. This guide will help you to understand what to expect.

Your first step in scheduling your surgery is to print out the Medical History Form by clicking on the link below. It is crucial that we have an accurate list of all medications including herbal and over the counter you take along with your medical and surgical history. Please fax this completed form to 908-722-0002. In a few days, you will be mailed a surgical packet that will explain all the details of your surgery. Please read through this packet, and if you have any questions call the office and ask to speak with surgery scheduling.

Before surgery, you will likely be referred to a hospital or facility to have pre-admission tests performed. These tests may include bloodwork, EKG and/or chest x-ray. A medical clearance may also be required prior to surgery. If you are taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications (ex. Motrin, Advil, Aleve) you will need to stop taking them 2 weeks before surgery to minimize bleeding. No other dental/medical procedures should be done three weeks prior to or after surgery. Notify our office immediately if you come down with a fever, a cold or any other illness in the weeks before your surgery. Please discuss any travel plans you may have before scheduling. Once we receive the medical history form and all test results and clearances, then you will be given a surgical date.

Do not eat or drink after midnight on the night before surgery except approved medications with a sip of water. On the day of surgery, please wear comfortable, loose clothing. A button-front shirt is best for shoulder surgery. Please arrange to have transportation to and from the surgery center ahead of time. You will not be allowed to drive home the day of the surgery nor be allowed to take public transportation.

Home Planning Recovery from surgery takes time. The type of procedure you are having will determine the length of your recovery. Planning ahead is the key to minimizing stress and optimizing your outcome. Arrange to have someone help with everyday tasks like cooking, shopping and laundry. Put items you use often within easy reach before surgery so you won't have to reach and bend as often.

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