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Workers' Compensation

Dr. France and the staff at the Center understand the special challenges presented by occupational injuries and have developed a comprehensive program centered on the claimant's expedited return to pre-injury functional status. Accelerated return to full job duties is another cornerstone of our Workers' Compensation care policy. Whenever clinically appropriate, modified duties are specified and encouraged until the claimant can once again fulfill their full duty occupational responsibilities.

We know that prompt, accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of musculoskeletal injuries are vital to returning the injured worker to their occupation and thereby reducing both medical costs to the insurer and on the job time loss to the employer.

The Center specializes in both non-operative treatment and arthroscopic surgical approaches for care of shoulder and knee injuries. Further details of this can be found in the Specialties & Procedures area of this website. Please feel free to call and discuss any particular case with our highly trained staff to see if our services can benefit your claimant's expedited return to their work responsibilities.

Our Workers' Compensation Services include:

Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Shoulder / Knee Surgeon
Prompt appointment scheduling
Reliably consistent communication with case management professionals via same day faxed status reports and faxed formal dictated reports for every office visit
2nd Opinion and Surgical Opinion Consultations
Independent Medical Evaluations (IME's)
Arthroscopic surgical procedures promoting quicker recuperation and return to maximum functional status.

We do not accept out-of-state Workers' Compensation or Usual & Customary (U&C) fee schedules. If a Workmans' Compensation carrier does not participate with any of our in-network TPA's, we do consider negotiated competitive rates.

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